Red Curry Chicken

Happy Monday, all! I am so excited to share this week’s meal prep with you because it is honestly one of my favorite meals! It is so easy to make, so yummy to eat, and is sure to impress your lunch table (or your surrounding cubes, if you eat at your desk like me).

At this point you may have read the title of this post and are thinking, “Red curry chicken? I don’t even know what that is; I am never going to be able to make this!” Rest assured, if I can do it, you can do it. Now I am not going to lay out every freaking detail of how to make the meals I write about. I will give you the ingredients, overview of the process, and special instructions if necessary. This is not a recipe blog, but a “simplifying your busy life” blog. Now what I will do is highlight why these meals deserve a place in your happy and healthy life. I think it is motivating to understand what your food is doing for you. You should be so pumped about making this red curry chicken by the end of this post, you hardly finish reading it!

How to Make Red Curry Chicken

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Let’s get into it. Ingredients:

  • Thai Red Curry Sauce (I strongly prefer Trader Joe’s)
  • Chicken breasts
  • Frozen cauliflower rice
  • Frozen broccoli

Obviously you do not need to use frozen vegetables. If you want to rice your own fresh cauliflower, go for it. Personally, I do not have that kind of time. That’s why frozen vegetables have become my best friend (sorry, Kim). Buy the steam-in-bag ready version or steam them yourself. Whatever floats your boat.

Okay, so after you spend way too much time in Trader Joe’s, get back to your kitchen and prepare the chicken. We usually buy fresh chicken breasts, and Jeffrey will clean and chop them into bite-sized pieces before cooking. That way it is easier to scoop everything into lunch containers at the end. We then heat up a skillet with coconut oil to cook the chicken on the stove. Coconut oil is a great compliment to this dish because curry sauce is coconut milk-based. It also has awesome health benefits. Coconut Oil is high in healthy saturated fats that increase the good cholesterol, known as HDL, in the body. This can contribute to many positive health outcomes such as decreasing the risk of heart disease. This healthy fat also fuels brain cells, which results in improved memory, and aids with digestion and weight loss. We may need to dedicate a future post to coconut oil to cover how magical it is. Anyway, moving on.

As you cook your chicken in coconut oil, you can heat up your veggies. If they are frozen, microwave according to the instructions. Once the chicken and veggies are cooked, combine everything in the skillet. I forgot to mention, use a large skillet. The cauliflower rice is obviously acting as your rice in this dish. This is one of my favorite swaps because I tend to feel bloated and heavy if I eat too many starchy foods. Using cauliflower instead of actual rice prevents this. Broccoli is another favorite of mine and goes great with this Thai-style dish.

After everything is combined, pour in the sauce. Use as much or as little as you like! Some people may find red curry sauce spicy, so you will want to do some taste testing if you aren’t familiar with it. Let it simmer so the food can soak up all of the flavor. Once ready, you can divide and conquer your lunches for the week!

red curry chicken 2

Other variations:

Of course, you can use actual rice if you prefer. In that case, I would use some mixed veggies to make sure I am still getting plenty of them in my meal. You can really customize this dish however you would like. Add chickpeas, use tofu, try yellow curry instead of red. The world is your oyster. Now get cooking!


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