Featured in Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal!

Do you want to start working out, but don’t have the cash or time to spend on a traditional gym membership or personal trainer? Take your fitness into your own hands by following the advice of many fitness professionals including our very own Jeff DelMartin.

Quoted in Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal!

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Here’s what Jeff originally submitted to Under Armour for inclusion in their article:  “I believe in bodyweight and calisthenics training as my preferred way to build strength and endurance. I incorporate this type of training with my clients because it’s not only fun and functional, but also free! Obviously, body weight training is a great form of exercise for people on a budget and it allows for them to workout anywhere at any time. Other budget friendly options for overall fitness would be circuit training with bands and sliders because they are compact pieces of equipment that can be taken anywhere.”

Read the full article about 40 Ways to Work Out on a Budget and be sure to check out number 31 for Jeff’s feature. Thanks for your continued support, be sure to share this post, and as always keep living Happily Ever Healthy!

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