5 Best Beach Themed Body Weight Exercises

Do you want to feel good in your swimsuit for one last vacation this summer? Well we have 5 beach themed body weight exercises you can do anywhere!

Exercise 1: Crab Squat Side Shuffle

Start in a squat position and stay down low as you side step for about 8 repetitions each way. Go slow through this movement to really feel it in your glutes and thighs. You’ll also be activating your core to stay upright as you step sideways through this movement.

Exercise 2: Dolphin Push-up

You will set-up for this exercise kind of like an elbow plank but then you will move your feet forward so that you are now in a pike position. Keep your legs as straight as possible throughout this exercise. From this position you will lower until your nose almost touches the ground then extend back up until your head is in line with your arms once again. Continue on for about 12 repetitions.

Exercise 3: Sea Turtle Extensions

To start this exercise you will lie down on your stomach, setting up like a Superman exercise. From here, lift your arms and legs and point them away from you making sure to contract all the muscles of your legs and back. Bend your arms back and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you spread our legs apart. This exercise is great for strengthening the usually underused muscles of your back. Do 12 repetitions for a full set.

Exercise 4: Surfer Prone Pop-up

This exercise will really get your heart pumping and is tons of fun to try. It resembles what you would do if you are on a surfboard trying to catch a wave. This is essentially a plyometric push-up mixed with a burpee, however, when you pop-up on your feet you are also twisting sideways so the muscles of your core will really be challenged with this one. If the pop-up is too difficult for you than you can always stand up as fast as you can switching sides on each repetition until you do about 10.

Exercise 5: Starfish Crunch

The starfish crunch is purely a core exercise that will work your rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and obliques. You’ll start off lying on your back with your arms and feet pointing away from you. Reach for your toes on the opposite side and alternate sides on each repetition. Keep your arms and legs off the ground to engage your core throughout the whole exercise. Continue on for a total of 10 repetitions.

Try these 5 Beach Themed Exercises!

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Thank you for your continued support and keep living Happily Ever Healthy!

– Jeff

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