Photo May 28, 4 38 28 PMHi! We are Maxine and Jeffrey, and we are so glad you are here! Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, we hope you can find some value from all of the information we have to offer. We founded Happily Ever Healthy in 2017 to encourage people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. That is our mutual passion. Maxine studied Food Industry Management in undergrad, currently works in food merchandising, and has a passion for all things edible. Jeffrey has a Master’s degree in Applied Health Physiology, is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and currently works in health and wellness research. Shortly after we met in 2015, we discovered that being physically active was very important to both of us, and that became a big part of our relationship. On our second date we went to an indoor rock climbing gym, and the excursions to follow included outdoor yoga, slacklining, and running (which we did once, and never did again). After moving in together, we began talking about how we could utilize our passion to encourage other people to live healthy lifestyles, and thus Happily Ever Healthy was born.

The pursuit of a happy and healthy life is something that most of us struggle with. Time constraints and lack of convenient options are usually most people’s downfalls. We all are trying to balance busy work schedules, keeping up with daily tasks, and spending time with friends and family… sometimes it just seems like there is no time to take care of ourselves.

The Pursuit is our solution to all the barriers that can get in the way of achieving a healthy and fit life.

With our assistance you’ll be able to:

  • Start and maintain an exercise program wherever is convenient for you
  • Save time with ready-made workouts you can access right on your phone
  • Have access to the guidance of a fitness professional 24/7
  • Finally achieve your goals with quality and effective workouts

Like many young professionals, we have struggled to find balance between a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle. Over the past few years, we have each moved to a new city, started new jobs, and wondered if it was even possible to find time for the things we love. Through Happily Ever Healthy, we hope to share some of the lessons we have learned, and some tips that we think will help you to live your happiest, healthiest life.

Maxine and Jeffrey

P.S. If you want to learn more about how we individually started our journey to becoming Happily Ever Healthy, check out Our Fitness Origin Stories post, or if you have any questions about The Pursuit, feel free to contact us!